Clippers owner Donald Sterling hasn’t spoken publicly about the team since his wife conducted a speedy sale of the franchise last week.

James Rainey
June 4, 2014

Donald Sterling has agreed to go along with the $2-billion sale of the Clippers negotiated by his wife, Shelly, in an agreement that will also lead the NBA to drop its administrative charges against the longtime team owners, Sterling’s attorney said Wednesday afternoon.

As recently as Tuesday, attorney Max Blecher said Sterling was considering suing his wife to contest her takeover of the family trust that controls the franchise. But Sterling suggested in an interview with NBC4 later Tuesday that he might agree to let the record-setting sale go through.

Sterling will agree to drop his $1-billion antitrust lawsuit against the NBA and the league in turn will agree not to file any lawsuits against Sterling and to drop the charges it levied against him for racially inflammatory remarks made by the Clippers owner that were posted online in late April.

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