EKG Flatline

Thursday, May 22, 2014 – 04:00 p.m.

It was only a matter of time.

San Bernardino County’s largest union, the San Bernardino Public Employees Association (SBPEA), now faces a serious decertification effort from the Service Employees International Union, an AFL-CIO member.

This time, for a plethora of reasons, the effort has a high probability of success.

The first of those many reasons is the shit-ass tentative agreement that was overwhelmingly rejected by all but two of the unions county bargaining units. An agreement that essentially would have put the screws to all the unions county employees. The rejected agreement is one of many bad contracts that has screwed over some of the historically lowest paid government employees in the Inland Empire.

The second reason is the union leadership is compromised.

Some time ago, county supervisors, at the request of Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux, granted SBPEA President Paula Reddy full release time, without any concession. The move came after former SBPEA General Manager Bob Blough, how should we say, left the organziation, for yet-to-be disclosed reason(s). Blough’s departure left the union rudderless. Not than Blough’s performance was anything remarkable.

Blough has since been replaced by Deidre Rodriguez, a former SBPEA Labor Representative.

In addition to bad contracts, SBPEA has a long-standing bad reputation for enforcing its own collective baragining agreements, not-to-mention the civil service rights of its members.

Today there’s a stronger AFL-CIO union knocking at the door. A union that weighed-in and successfully asked SBPEA members to reject the latest deal. Now that the agreement has in fact been rejected, the window for SEIU to proceed to decertify SBPEA is opening. A spectre the county, nor the union, ever expected to occur.

It’s the price to be paid for hoodwinking employees for the past decade.

County supervisors can’t be too pleased either. But it’s doubtful anyone gives a crap about what they think.

All involved in placing the agreement before the membership should be fired!