National Journal

NJ Daily
By Michael Catalini
May 21, 2014

A senior Democratic senator suggested Wednesday that President Obama’s race factored into opposition to the Affordable Care Act, sparking outrage on the part of one of his Republican colleagues.

The comments by Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, who’s retiring at the end of this year, came near the end of a hearing on a provision in the health care law that calls for insurance companies to use most of what their customers pay in premiums on medical care, rather than on overhead and administrative costs.

“I think it’s very important to take a long view at what’s going on,” Rockefeller said. “I’ll be able to dig up some emails that make part of the Affordable Care Act that doesn’t look good—especially from people who made up their mind that they don’t want it to work because they don’t like the president. Maybe he’s of the wrong color, something of that sort. I’ve seen a lot of that and I know a lot of that to be true.

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