Carla Marinucci

Posted on Thursday, May 15 at 11:13pm | By Carla Marinucci

Maybe it was fitting that California’s two Republican gubernatorial candidates, Neel Kashkari and San Bernardino County Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, held their first and only debate in the equivalent of a clown car — a shock jock radio show.

Is it any wonder that state voters aren’t engaged in the process — that they don’t think there’s a reason to tune in?

Even before the first question was aired, the tenure of the debate — aired on KFI 640 AM’s “John and Ken” show — was evident as the bombastic hosts invited the live audience to “lube up” an effigy of Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown with “media massage oil” and “vacillate Vaseline.”

“This is not NPR or “Meet the Press,” the hosts said.

No lie.

The candidates had only themselves to blame for the what came next — a slam-bam-thank-you-m’am “debate” that shed little light on the critical issues facing California, but allowed for a few soundbites sandwiched between copious ads, one-liners, and gaffawing about audience members revealing their racy tattoos in private places.

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