Hillary Clinton

By Philip Rucker
March 22 at 10:34 pm

TEMPE, Ariz. – Hillary Rodham Clinton said here Saturday night that she is weighing another presidential campaign and is “very much concerned” about the direction of the country, citing climate change as a particular focus.

Clinton, who would be an overwhelming front-runner for the Democratic nomination should she seek it in 2016, made her comments in response to a question from a student at the close of the Clinton Global Initiative University conference at Arizona State University.

“If you don’t represent women in politics in America as future president, who will?” the student, Vrinda Agarwal of the University of California at Berkeley, asked Clinton.

The former secretary of state and former first lady responded: “I appreciate the sentiment. I’m obviously thinking about all kinds of decisions.”

“Look,” Clinton added, “I am very much concerned about the direction of our country – and it’s not just who runs for office, but what they do when they get there and how we bring people together and particularly empower young people so that we can tackle these hard decisions we’ve just been talking about.”

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