Reality Check

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 – 10:00 a.m.

Finally! Some experts have weighed in on the future of San Bernardino International Airport (SBIA).

The opinions aren’t too promising either. What a surprise!

On Tuesday, sister newspapers, The Sun and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, ran a story titled “New SBIA terminal faces uphill battle, experts say” on the future prospects of the facility, and its new passenger terminal, attracting some sort of air transport role.

The final opinion is contrary to the spin local officials have been dishing out for nearly two decades.

Is anyone really surprised?

All the lies and phony claims about secret negotiations with passenger carriers, and all the other air operations are coming to the airport tales, have been long in the tooth for some time now.

It’s also no secret that the pending move of the Sheriff’s Aviation Division, and the small general aviation activity, from Rialto Municipal Airport, will have no serious financial impact on the financial health of the facility, which is subsidized by the Inland Valley Development Agency (IVDA).

Lately, local officials, who have been talking about SBIA’s future, have sounded more like they’re smoking crack in their lame attempts to explain or justify an obviously blatant waste of taxpayer dollars.

It’s time to admit the quarter-billion dollars-plus spent on the facility has went into a black hole, not to mention certain pockets.

One can only imagine all the needed infrastructure improvements that could have been accomplished with the wasted money.