Fontana Seal

By Jim Steinberg, The Sun
Posted: 12/13/13, 8:08 PM PST |

FONTANA — A Los Angeles Police Department detective sergeant has announced plans to run for mayor, challenging Mayor Acquanetta Warren as she seeks a second term in the November 2014 elections.

“I want to get right out there and get myself known,” said Jason O’Brien, who concedes Warren’s name recognition is something he must overcome.

O’Brien said he got his first taste of politics as a candidate to replace Sophia Green in the Fontana Unified School District recall election held in July.

Ayanna Blackmon-Balogun won Green’s seat, with 1,572 votes, equal to 44 percent of those voting, but O’Brien snared 1,199 votes, or nearly 34 percent.

O’Brien’s wife, Shannon, was the top vote-getter in the race to replace unseated school board member Leticia Garcia.

Jason O’Brien, 43, said one of the key issues he sees in the campaign is that Warren is a Republican in a city where most of the registered voters are Democrats.

O’Brien, a Democrat, said that he has applied to be a member of several city boards and has been passed over.

“Non-partisan is great,” O’Brien said, adding that he can’t help but wonder if his inability to serve as a volunteer in Fontana city government was related to his party affiliation.

Until the recent election of Jesse Sandoval, all city council members were Republican, O’Brien said.

“That’s one of the things that has puzzled me about this city,” he said.

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