Carey DavisWendy McCammack

Carey Davis left. Wendy McCammack right. (Jennifer Cappuccio Maher — Staff Photographer)

By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 11/28/13, 3:48 PM PST |

SAN BERNARDINO >> Calendars fill up fast this time of year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and before you know it a February runoff election.

That means there’s not much of a break for mayoral candidates Carey Davis and Wendy McCammack or their supporters, who may feel they made the runoff only days ago — Nov. 5 — but now have a compressed 10 weeks until voters make their next choice.

“You take out time for the holidays, for bad weather, that only leaves seven or eight weeks,” said Rachel Clark, the former city clerk and now volunteer coordinator for Carey Davis’ campaign. “Right now the weather is perfect — who knows what it will be if you wait.”

Davis and other supporters knocked on the doors of some probable voters this past weekend, after both they and Wendy McCammack’s mayoral supporters crunched numbers from the registrar of voters’ office and started gathering supporters to make the candidates’ cases to residents.

McCammack said she has people lined up to begin walking precincts soon.

“The responses to our Facebook and website requests for gathering walkers and phone-callers has been real successful, and we’re just marching forward, hoping for a successful outcome,” McCammack said.

But both candidates said there’s more analysis to it than that.

“You factor in where you did walk before and if that made a difference and you make sure you get those people out again to vote,” McCammack said. “You target groups of people that weren’t necessarily supportive in advance of the (November) primary to look at the differences by precinct in terms of who got which sets of votes, having conversations with the other mayoral candidates and talking to their supporters to understand why their supporters supported them, what about (each candidate’s) message was important to the voters.”

Davis said the first round of walking is targeting the most likely voters — the residents of the 4th, 7th and 5th wards, which are in the city’s more-affluent north end — and has yielded encouraging results.

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