Circular Firing Squad

Friday, November 8, 2013 – 09:00 a.m.

The Sun/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspapers published a well-written story by Reporter Joe Nelson, on Thursday, that was somewhat uncharacteristic of both publications practice of protecting those politicos it favors.

The story titled, “Two years after indictments, S.B. County Sheriff’s POST corruption case fizzles”, takes a rip at San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos.

A blind man can see what is happening in the case involving current and former San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department employees involved in a conspiracy to commit grand theft, by falsifying training and eduaction records to obtain additional compensation.

A case charging multiple felony counts.

Since a grand jury handed down an indictment in March 2011, the case has been allowed to, as the newspapers put it, fizzle.

I spoke to people at the newspapers. They know it’s intentional.

Why, you ask?

In politics it’s called preventing a circular firing squad.

So far two defendants, who really didn’t do anything wrong, have been dismissed from the case. Two others have pleaded guilty to simple misdemeanors, which are dismissable and expungeable, at a later date.

Don’t expect any of the three remaining defendants to be convicted of a felony either.

Dozens of others, some very high-profile, were implicated in this fiasco. One can bank on anyone being pressed to plead guilty to a felony to start dropping names of others in pleadings, not to mention, publicly.

Sources say a deal was cut, between Sheriff and District Attorney officials, to contain the damage and fallout, while allowing the statute of limitations to expire on many others. What’s happening now is the result of that deal.

Everything is now being done to keep the situation contained. Like gutting the case.

This mess caused a significant number of retirements, in addition to confidential administrative actions, outside of public view.

Everything taking place now is indeed orchestrated to protect anything else from spilling out.

On a side note, convicted defendants David Pichotta and Angela Gray will only pay fines and restitution of $1,980 each.

The political stench in county level government is growing, and only now have the newspapers started to take notice.

Who knows! Maybe we’ll all be treated to a pointed editiorial that says exactly what were saying here.