City of Bell

By Jeff Gottlieb
October 31, 2013, 1:46 p.m.

Bell’s former city clerk told jurors that she slipped the lucrative contracts for city administrators Robert Rizzo and Angela Spaccia into stacks of unrelated documents that mayors would typically sign, even though the City Council never approved them.

Sometimes, Rebecca Valdez testified Wednesday, Rizzo himself would slip the contracts into the stack of documents for the mayor to sign.

Valdez, who now works for the city as a senior human relations analyst, said she would use a paper clip to attach a signature page on top of the actual contract, so it wouldn’t be apparent what was being signed. For contracts to be valid, they needed the signatures of the employee, the mayor and the city attorney. In some cases, the slot for the city attorney was removed, she said.

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For the contracts to be legal, the City Council must approve them during a public meeting, something that prosecutors claim didn’t happen.

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