Chad Mayes


By William Cutting
Tuesday, October 30, 2013 – 07:00 p.m.

Chad Mayes, Chief of Staff to San Bernardino County Supervisor Janice Rutherford, is starting to ramp up his campaign efforts in his bid to win the 42nd Assembly District race.

Some are starting ask the question of whether or not Mayes will resign his position and run full-time for the seat being vacated by termed out Brian Nestande. Cactus Thorns blogger Margo Sturges raised the question today: “Will Mayes political ambition signal his resignation as Supervisor Janice Rutherford’s Chief of Staff in the 2nd District even if Rutherford seeks and successfully obtains reelection next year?”

It is an interesting question in light of the fact that the man Rutherford replaced along with another supervisor both found their respective chief of staff caught up in political scandal.  And there has been rampant allegations about numerous staffers engaging in political work on taxpayer time.

Rutherford has stated that character counts:

Janice Rutherford
Fontana City Councilwoman & Candidate for Supervisor

Pundits offer a lot of excuses for GOP losses in the past two elections.  But the truth is we lost because Republicans stopped being Republicans; and because they tolerated corruption and bad behavior – allowing the Democrats to hang the “culture of corruption” label on our Party.

To move forward and win elections, we need to focus on solutions and clean up our own house.

I believe most elected officials are genuinely honest representatives.  Even those we disagree with on issues are generally trying to do what they believe is best.  But not all of them – and we’ve seen examples locally and nationally of those who have used their office to enrich themselves or their allies.

Republicans are right on the issues and about what is needed to solve the problems locally and nationally.  We don’t have to give up our principles to win; in fact, giving up our principles would assure liberals a permanent victory.  Instead we must better articulate our solutions to the problems facing our nation, our state and our county.  And we cannot tolerate corruption – ever.

Loyalty is something I value highly.  But standing by and allowing corruption has nothing to do with loyalty – in fact, it’s a betrayal of our values and the voters who trust us to do what is right.

I’m not talking about becoming “character cops,” and we have already seen that desperate politicians and liberal groups will attempt to smear competitors with baseless accusation.  But when it becomes clear that a candidate or elected official has betrayed the trust of his or her office, we cannot afford to just look the other way.

For years I worked for a man who exemplifies the honorable, honest and hard-working representative – Bill Leonard.  We would all do well to emulate Bill’s dignified example.

Eliminating corruption can’t be the only issue for Republicans, but if we demonstrate that we won’t tolerate it from members of our own party, we’ll gain credibility with voters and begin the hard work of correcting the direction of our communities and our nation.

It is an interesting situation, because the appearance of impropriety is often far more damaging.  I have no doubt that Mr. Mayes can run a campaign and not engage in unethical conduct in his current capacity.  But, with the history of this county being what it is, she will be hard-pressed to allow it.

I suspect that Mayes will take a leave of absence and return to his position should he lose the election.