By Joe Nelson, San Bernardino Sun
Posted: 09/30/13, 11:46 AM PDT | Updated: 18 hrs ago

Veteran San Bernardino County prosecutor Grover Merritt announced Monday he will run against incumbent Michael A. Ramos for district attorney, promising to boost office morale, cut excessive office spending and fight crime using the latest in technological advances.

Merritt said Ramos spends all his time “cavorting with politicians” and ignoring his responsibilities at his office. As a result, plea bargaining has become “epidemic” and office morale has plummeted.

“Every day I see various cases that should be tried that aren’t,” Merritt said Monday. “It looks like a torrent of plea bargaining.”

Ramos was considering a run for former Congressman Jerry Lewis’ seat but announced last year he would instead be serving the balance of his term. In September, he announced he would seek his fourth and final term as the county’s top prosecutor.

Ramos deferred comment Monday to his longtime campaign manager, David Ellis, who said all of Merritt’s allegations were without merit.

“Morale may be low in his cubby, but it’s fine throughout the rest of the organization.” Ellis said of Merritt.

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