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September 30, 2013

Jerry Brown has repeatedly pledged to tear down what he calls California’s “wall of debt.”

But Brown’s definition of that debt wall – about $30 billion in accumulated deficits from recent state budgets – is less than 10 percent of the debt that state and local governments have amassed, according to a new compilation by the California Taxpayers Association, if one includes unfunded liabilities for public employee pensions.

Cal-Tax researchers counted $443 billion in state and local debts, roughly two-thirds of it carried by the state and the other third by local agencies. That’s the equivalent of a fifth of the state’s annual economic output and amounts to $11,600 for each of California’s 38 million residents.

The debts included state and local bonds, more than $9 billion owed to the federal government for unemployment insurance payments, and $21.7 billion in budgetary borrowing and deferred payments, mostly to schools. But the biggest debts, by far, are for public employee pensions and health care not covered by trust funds.

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