By Beau Yarbrough, The Sun
Posted: 09/13/13, 5:37 PM PDT | Updated: 14 hrs ago

They’re promoted as making American students more competitive with their international peers, but some local conservatives say new educational standards set to be fully implemented next school year amount to a federal takeover of local education.

“It sounds great, yes, because there’s been such a great marketing effort on it,” said Ellen Egan, co-organizer of Redlands Townhall conservative speakers program. “You’re hearing one side on it.”

Although the Common Core standards are nationwide in scope, they didn’t originate in Washington: The standards were created in June 2010 by National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers. Forty-six states — all but Alaska, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia — and the District of Columbia have previously signed off on them.

The federal government, including Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, has thrown its collective weight behind the standards, however, offering financial incentives to states that implement them.

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