Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer
Posted: 07/08/2013 07:22:08 PM PDT

The San Bernardino County school board voted 4-0 Monday to move forward with the legal process of removing board member Gil Navarro from office.

The vote follows a decision by the Attorney General’s Office that determined there was enough evidence to allow the board to sue. That was based on Navarro being elected in November to the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, a position the board determined is incompatible with also being a county school board member, as Navarro has been since 2006.

“There is substantial issue as to the incompatibility of the two offices Mr. Navarro currently holds, because we have found similar offices incompatible,” Supervising Deputy Attorney General said in a June 11 letter that did not actually decide the offices were in fact incompatible.

Navarro did not take place in the vote or the discussion.

He said afterward, though, that he planned to fight the decision.

“I don’t agree that four persons can decide whether I be on the county Board of Education,” Navarro said. “It’s up to the voters in Area D (the portion of the county Navarro represents) to decide, and if they decide they don’t want me there, it’s up to them.”

Navarro’s seat, which covers schools in San Bernardino and Rialto, is next up for election in November 2014.

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