California Supreme Court

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 – 11:00 p.m.

The much-publicized Colonies case appears to be on track for oral argument before the California Supreme Court either the week of September 2 or October 7.

The court has agreed to review a prosecution appeal arising from the dismissal of key charges in a 29-count criminal indictment, alleging that a 2006 settlement, between the County of San Bernardino and Colonies Partnrs L.P., was tainted by alleged improper influence.

The October calendar will be heard in Los Angeles, instead of San Francisco.

Either calendar date, will likely place the matter back in San Bernardino Superior Court before the Christmas holiday period. At that time, lawyers for Defendant’s Jefferey Burum, James Erwin, Mark Kirk and Paul Biane, expect to file a series of dismissal motions.

All four men have denied any wrongdoing.

The expected Supreme Court opinion will signal the end to any further roadblocks by prosecutors.