Grand Terrace

By Ryan Hagen
ryan.hagen@ | @sbcitynow on Twitter
Posted: 06/26/2013 07:27:07 PM PDT

GRAND TERRACE — The city’s future is in the citizens’ hands now.

That’s the promise and the challenge Mayor Walt Stanckiewitz and the City Council gave Tuesday, after they cleared the way for a November election on whether to add a $1.5 million tax to stave off deep service cuts, and the residents crowding City Hall say they heard the message loud and clear.

Now it’s time to make sure the other 12,000-odd residents of the city get the message, said resident Ryan Stephens.

“We were waiting on the council to make the decision before we hit the streets,” said Stephens, one of 12 residents on a budget advisory council that advised the new utility user tax. “Now we can really start to mobilize.”

In a series of meetings at supportive residents’ houses and door-to-door visits, Stephens said he’ll be presenting a scaled-down version of the 107-page financial analysis the group prepared. In essence: the only way to avoid potentially catastrophic cuts to parks, the senior center, law enforcement and other city services is to approve the tax, he says.

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