Thursday, June 13, 2013 – 11:00 a.m.

We’re saved!

Boeing has returned to San Bernardino International Airport (SBIA) for flight testing of a single 747 passenger aircraft. Next month the company will test the 787 Dreamliner at the mostly dormant facility.

The company did the same last year as well.

The activity brings some hundred employees to the area to spend money and occupy hotel rooms in and around San Bernardino’s Hospitality Lane business district. The flight testing at the airport reportedly involves jet fuel purchases of around about $100,000 a week.

That’s sales, not profits.

The monthly facility lease for Boeing is less than $20,000.

In the latest news cycle, airport officials have been on a furious spin campaign. A campaign efforted at trying to divert attention from the massive failure of a nearly $200 million taxpayer investment, at the former Norton Air Force Base.

Officials at SBIA have desperately tried to make the following points in the local press. To which, the press has obliged.

  • Boeings return signals the beginning of a new era for SBIA.
  • It’s all former Airport Manager Scot Spencer’s fault. The whole ordeal. Yep, it’s Spencer’s fault. All $200 million.
  • The airport property is fully leased, and or occupied.
  • We had meetings with several major airlines on June 5 and 6 to discuss their interest in operating very limited passenger flights out of San Berdoo.

Thursday’s editorial in The Sun newspaper would make one believe that people at the local newspaper are smoking crack.

Actually, you should just read it for yourself: OPINION: Return of Boeing bodes well for San Bernardino airport: Opinion

Cassie MacDuff, local columnist for The Press Enterprise, has somewhat backed away from drinking the SBIA Kool Aid. Here’s her Thursday column: SAN BERNARDINO: Boeing testing planes at airfield again

Just go out and look at all the hustle and bustle of a fully leased-out and occupied international airport. If you go out there in the evening you might hear the crickets.

One could actually respect SBIA officials if they would just come out and fall on the sword, and admit that serious and costly mistakes were made over the past decade. Admit that seeking passenger, rather than cargo and maintenance business, was a major miscalculation.

But, this is San Bernardino County, and that will never happen. At least not anytime soon.

Let the entertainment continue.