San Bernardino Seal

Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer
Posted: 06/04/2013 07:59:27 PM PDT

SAN BERNARDINO — An election to decide whether to recall 10 elected officials would cost an additional $222,000 if combined with the city’s regular November election, according to the county Registrar of Voters.

The already-scheduled election for the mayor and three City Council members alone would be $245,000, registrar spokeswoman Felisa Cardona said. The combined cost would rise to $467,000 if combined with 10 recall elections, or $410,000 if only six of the recall petitions gather enough signatures to trigger an election.

And if a run-off is needed because no candidate gets a majority of votes — which is expected in the race for the mayor’s seat, at least — the total cost would rise to $717,000, Cardona said.

Many of the officials targeted for a recall have pointed to the cost as one reason citizens shouldn’t sign petitions to have the recall put on the ballot.

“Our city is required to pay for a recall, which will cost San Bernardino taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Councilman Chas Kelley said in his official response to the petition against him. “That’s money we just can’t afford to waste.”

San Bernardino continues to defer some of its debts as it fights in bankruptcy court, although officials say its financial picture is improving.

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