Smoke and Mirrors

Monday, June 3, 2013 – 09:00 a.m.

It’s starting again!

The renewed creation of false expectations of landing a passenger airline at the ghost town known as San Bernardino International Airport (SBIA).

For nearly 20 years, officials at the airport, particularly Airport Authority Board President and San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris, have repeatedly mislead taxpayers with a plethora of fabricated “We have an airline coming here” stories.

Now the mostly same board, along with Director A.J. Wilson, are at it again.

Just read the story published May 26 in The Sun newspaper.

SBIA is now saying they have a meeting to be held in Atlanta, GA to meet with six passenger airlines to explore interest in operating at SBIA.

Talk about parsing words! “Explore interest”?

Talk about misleading!

Here’s a key quote from the article:

“They’ve expressed interest in learning about San Bernardino and its possibilities,” Wilson said of the airlines, declining to name them and stressing the upcoming talks are just preliminary discussions. He said the meetings are scheduled to take place on June 5 and 6.

One can’t help but notice the “We can’t name which airlines we’re talking to.” line. A tactic that is commonplace at SBIA, because there’s usually deception involved.
Let’s get one thing straight. The airport is exploring, not the airlines. They (the airlines) have no interest in coming to SBIA any time in the near or long-term.
Nor does SBIA have the financial capacity to subsidize operations necessary to support any minimal commercial passenger operation.

If they (the airlines) can’t fill flights out of LA/Ontario International Airport, some 25 minutes away, or Orange County/John Wayne International, some 50 minutes away, then what makes SBIA attractive?

The answer is nothing.

With nearly $200 million pissed away on this endeavor, not-to-mention an ongoing federal investigation that will likely bear more fruit, why keep up this charade?

There’s no way to do any image repair and clean up this mess anytime soon.

We’re not knocking SBIA for trying. We’re knocking SBIA for the continuous and pervasive tactic of misleading of taxpayers for purely political purposes.