Thursday, April 11, 2013 – 04:30 p.m.

We told you so!

Just as expected, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has essentially told the city of Ontario, and the so-called Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA), “no” to selling or ‘giving’ LAX/Ontario International Airport to the entities to operate.

The “no” answer came in the form of a proposed sale price of $474 million.

Over the past week we’ve learned that LAWA secured an appraisal valuing Ontario International at nearly a half-billion dollars. The city, on the other hand, secured its appraisal which valued, we think the very same airport, as being worthless.

Can you say laugh-out-loud?

Now Ontario has filed an administrative claim, a precursor to a lawsuit, against LAWA.

Ontario blames LAWA for the airport’s large drop-off in passenger and cargo traffic as well as the steady decrease in the number of daily flight offerings. Forget about the bad economy, poor Inland Empire demographics, and the fact that it’s more expensive to fly from a regional airport than a major hub like LAX.

Whatever made the gullible officials wanting to take control of the airport believe they would actually get control? We have no idea.

LAWA wants money, and Ontario expects a court to just hand them the terminals and property for free. Talk about two divergent positions!

Neither the city, or OIAA, has any real financial resources, not-to-mention political muscle, to fight with. Not unless several other cities and counties legally become members of the joint powers authority (JPA), and commit some serious funding. A move that is no where in sight.

Also, OIAA now appears to have never had any intention of paying LAWA anything for the regional airport. A very disingenuous position to say the least.

OIAA now looses any credibility with LAWA moving forward. LAWA and the city of Los Angeles are the big players, with deep pockets, in this tug-o-war.

Expect LAWA to come out on top, and the local officials here to look absolutely ridiculous. If those same officials didn’t see this coming, they should step down.