Posted by Scott Clement
March 27, 2013 at 4:27 pm

A growing number of Americans are not just dissatisfied, but angry at Washington after repeated standoffs over taxes and the deficit have pockmarked the start of President Obama’s second term.

“I’m mad as hell….”

Fully 30 percent of Americans say they feel outright “angry” about Washington in a CBS News poll released Tuesday, up from 21 percent in December and numerically above a previous high of 28 percent amid the 2011 debt ceiling battle. Republicans continue to express the most anger (43 percent), but independents have fueled the rise with an 11-percentage point jump in anger.

Indeed, independents have soured on Obama in particular since his reelection. In the CBS News poll, independents disapprove of Obama by a 50 to 38 percent margin, a flip from February when they tilted 48 to 37 percent in approval. That mirrors a 10-point approval drop from January in a Washington Post-ABC News poll earlier this month.

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