Question Mark

Southern California — this just in
March 20, 2013 | 4:38 pm

Hours after delivering a mixed verdict in the corruption trial of six Bell council members, a Los Angeles jury sent several questions to the judge that ended the day on a chaotic note and raised questions about whether they were unanimous in their verdicts.

The jury convicted five of six former council members of stealing from the working-class city of Bell after 18 days of deliberations – longer than the trial itself. The jury remains undecided on nearly half the counts.

The judge ordered the jury to return to court Thursday, though it remains unclear if the panel will continue to deliberate on the undecided charges.

The jury returned to court after a lunch break because four of them indicated that more information might help them reach verdicts in the undecided counts.

Jurors were allowed to send questions to the judge. In a note, Juror No. 7 told Judge Kathleen Kennedy that he had misgivings about the deliberations.

The cryptic note said that the juror “questioned myself on information that had me on a [doubt] of thing [sic] that were not presented properly.”

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