Carla Marinucci

Carla Marinucci

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By Carla Marinucci
February 28, 2013

San Francisco attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who has won support from major party leaders in her drive to be the California GOP’s first female vice chair, has also become the target of a nasty racist effort to slur her as a Muslim terrorist sympathizer and a “Taj Mahal princess.”

Dhillon, currrently chair of the San Francisco GOP, immigrated from India as a child and is a devout Sikh. She’s wrapping up a campaign to become the party’s vice chair, an election which will be held Sunday as the state GOP wraps up its three day convention in Sacramento.

Vera Eyzendooren, the president of the San Bernardino County Federation of Republican Women — an official party group — slammed Dhillon in a recent Facebook post, which included a photo of an Islamic terrorist who beheaded two people.

“I was told by one of Harmeet’s friends that because of her religion, her loyalty is to the Muslim religion,” Ms. Eyzendooren wrote on Facebook. “So she will defend a Muslim beheading two men without any hesitation……she is not a Republican.”

UPDATE: Eyzendooren’s comments were sharply denounced Thursday in a joint statement from California GOP chair Tom Del Beccaro, Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff and Assembly GOP leader Connie Conway: “Blatant racism has no place in the party of Lincoln. We strongly denounce this hateful speech in this and any other venue.”

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