SBIA Hangars

The proximity of  maintenance hangars, shown above, has reportedly rendered a multi-million dollar passenger terminal at San Bernardino International Airport useless.

Monday, February 25, 2013 – 09:30 a.m.

The embarrassing details of the myriad of financial blunders at the dormant $150 million-plus San Bernardino International Airport continue to emerge.

The ouster of former airport developer Scot Spencer and his web of business entities has started to unravel just how Spencer and others bled the government  agency dry.

The latest revelation involves the empty and motionless multi-million dollar passenger terminal.

Sources close to the situation tell that tens of millions of dollars spent to redesign and upgrade the terminal, at the former Norton Air Force Base, has went down a black hole. The explanation being given? Passenger traffic cannot flow through the existing terminal location due to the proximity of the terminal to the flight line maintenance area and adjacent maintenance hangars.

It falls simply to the issue of passenger safety.

Actual plans established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), calls for the passenger terminal to be located on the North side of the airport parallel to Third Street between Sterling and Victoria Avenues, a significant distance from the existing location.

Activities at the airport have been the focus of an ongoing federal investigation.

One has to wonder if the Airport Authority Board of Directors has a clue as to what they’ve allowed to happen.