Sunday, February 10, 2013 – 12:00 p.m.

Here’s an update and recap of news coming across the transom this past week.

Dorner manhunt update

There’s still no sign of Former LAPD Officer and Murder Suspect Christopher Dorner as of late Sunday Morning.

LAPD to review Dorner dismissal

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has started a review of the events surrounding the dismissal of Former LAPD Officer and murder suspect Christopher Dorner. A smart move on the chief’s part. The Dorner accusations, for the moment, have a slight ring of truth or are at least plausible. Odds are the FBI will look into the situation after the dust settles.

First time jobless claims remain high

First time unemployment claims dropped slightly last week.

Claims fell by 5,000, to a “seasonally-adjusted” 366,000. As usually is the case, the previous week’s claims number was revised upward by 3,000 to 371,000.

It’s now said that a number below 375,000 is a good indicator. Interestingly that number used to be 275,000 a couple years ago.

Federal Reserve balance sheet grows to record

The Federal Reserve policy of buying bonds, in order to keep interest rates low, continues unabated and is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

That bond buying has expanded the fed balance sheet to $2.997 trillion.

As usual, San Bernardino’s loss is another city’s gain

Sources say retailer Target is planning to move one of it’s two locations, from bankrupt San Bernardino, to more greener pastures.

The store, located at the Northwest corner of Sterling and Highland Avenues, will reportedly be moved to a lot near Greenspot Road and the I-210 freeway in the city of Highland.

The development is another sales and property tax blow to the foundering city.