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December 20, 2012

Following the controversy in California’s initiative campaigns over an $11 million donation from a secretive, out-of-state group, Democratic lawmakers have begun introducing legislation to increase disclosure requirements and the power of the Fair Political Practices Commission to enforce them.

Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento, announced legislation this afternoon that would require donors of $50,000 or more to a non-profit group to be identified if the contribution is made within six months of an election and if the non-profit makes a large donation to a campaign within that same period.

“This is the kind of information that voters and the public need and deserve to have before they cast their votes, not find out after,” Dickinson said.

Assembly Bill 45 would also require the Secretary of State to make campaign and lobbying filings available to the FPPC and would authorize the FPPC to seek court injunctions related to disclosure.

Ann Ravel, chairwoman of the FPPC, said the bill would provide the FPPC the “clear ability” to seek those injunctions. When the FPPC sued the Arizona group Americans for Responsible Leadership over its $11 million donation earlier this year, Ravel said, “we were acting somewhat creatively in interpreting our statutes” to permit such a lawsuit.

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