Sandra Emerson, Staff Writer
Posted: 11/11/2012 07:32:30 PM PST
Updated: 11/11/2012 07:35:01 PM PST

UPLAND – An auditor hired by the Upland Firefighters Association mixed compliments with criticisms in his review of the city’s finances.

Although Upland officials did not keep citizens informed about the city’s financial situation, they have been on the mark when it comes to budget projections in recent years, said John Johns, who is based in Davis.

Council members agreed last week to short-term recommendations by City Manager Stephen Dunn to keep the budget from deteriorating further.

A city memo in October said expenses were underprojected and that severe cuts to services and employees were necessary.

“First of all, the city manager is right. The city is having a hard time right now, but they’re not in a fiscal emergency. And because it’s not in a fiscal emergency, it has time to work these problems out,” Johns said.

“Second compliment is that the city manager offers a plan that I believe has realistic objectives and is one that is reasonably balanced.”

Johns addressed the City Council and Dunn at a special meeting last week to discuss possible solutions to the city’s budget situation. At the meeting, council members asked Dunn to estimate possible savings for long-term budget solutions, such as outsourcing such services as police and fire.

Johns criticized Upland officials for not keeping citizens informed about the city’s financial condition because certain documents are not part of council members’ regular agenda packets. He recommended that the city make financial reports part of the agenda packets for future meetings.

Johns’ audit also said:

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