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November 8, 2012

For all the worry about the $11 million donation that conservative donors routed through an obscure Arizona nonprofit, Democrats scored huge wins Tuesday with a Proposition 30 victory and Proposition 32 defeat.

But Democrats remain angry over the contribution, whose true source has yet to be definitively known.

In a post-election conference Thursday in Sacramento, Democratic strategist Gale Kaufman made clear several times that she resents the October money infusion that helped fuel ads for Proposition 32, the anti-labor measure she worked against.

Kaufman said Democrats still intend to push for sanctions against people involved in the donation, at one point saying they will “fight to get the $11 million back.” That was an apparent reference a state penalty for cloaking donors through an intermediary, which is a payment to the state general fund equal to the amount of the contribution.

Beth Miller, who was on the same panel with Kaufman, said her Small Business Action Committee which received the controversial donation had disclosed everything according to state law.

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