Monday, November 5, 2012 – 09:15 a.m.

Once again California voters face a plethora of propositions to consider.

Look at the following commonsense recommendations.


Proposition 30   Governor Jerry Brown's Sales and Income Tax Increase     -      No
                 *Too many loopholes for legislature abuse*
Proposition 31   Mandates the state adopt a two-year balanced budget      -      Yes
                 *A step towards budget sanity*
Proposition 32   Bans Payroll Deductions of Union Political funding       -      Yes
                 *Union political power has plundered state finances*
Proposition 33   Revision to Auto Insurance Underwriting Criteria         -      No
                 *Muddles rules related to continuous coverage*
Proposition 34   Eliminates Death Penalty                                 -      Yes
                 *Saves money. Federal Courts have pretty much
                 curtailed executions*
Proposition 35   Imposes penalties for the crime of human trafficking     -      No
                 *Combat Human Trafficking by voter mandate. Please!!*
Proposition 36   Revision to California Three-Strikes Law                 -      Yes
                 *Removes mandatory life sentence in non-violent crimes*
Proposition 37   Imposes new food labeling rule                           -      No
                 *Measure is filled with too-many exceptions*
Proposition 38   Income Tax Increase to fund K-12 education               -      No
                 *This measure is more preferable to Prop. 30, but it's
                 the wrong time to raise taxes with a poor economy.*
Proposition 39   Ends tax breaks for out-of-state corporations doing      -      Yes
                 business in California
                 *Measure levels the playing field and generates more
                 revenue to the state.*
Proposition 40   A "No" vote redraws State Senate District boundaries.    -      No
                 *A waste of Taxpayer funds*