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InlandPolitics: Dubious employment report hits election cycle

Saturday, October 6, 2012 – 03:30 p.m.

A highly suspect September unemployment report is now playing into the Presidential election cycle.

The report says the unemployment rate dropped from 8.2% to an astounding 7.8%. The news immediately floored most economists, who are now questioning the household survey the rate is derived from.

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The PE: AIRPORT: Spencer looks to start another company

Scot Spencer, developer of San Bernardino International Airport waits for a public meeting to discuss the grand jury report in mid-2011. Kurt Miller/Staff Photograhper

Published: 05 October 2012 – 07:50 PM

It hasn’t been easy keeping track of the myriad companies Scot Spencer has managed at San Bernardino International Airport.

Now there may be another to add to the list.

To read story by Kimberly Pierceall in The Press Enterprise, click here.

Joe Nelson, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/05/2012 04:18:54 PM PDT

Catch up: Water district continues deliberation on Cadiz Project | Cadiz Project advances with approval of environmental report | San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors approve desert groundwater pipeline plan

A federal lawsuit aiming to block a controversial pipeline project in the Mojave Desert has been dismissed, according to one of the defendants.

Los Angeles-based Cadiz Inc., which has teamed with the Santa Margarita Water District in Rancho Santa Margarita on the 43-mile pipeline project, said Friday in a news release that a U.S. District Court Court judge dismissed the case.

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Charles Munger, Jr.

The State Worker
Chronicling civil-service life for California state workers
Posted by Jon Ortiz
October 5, 2012

Charles Munger Jr. has now given a nearly $23 million to an independent committee fighting for a measure that would curtail union political fundraising abilities while opposing Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax proposal.

Both initiatives, Proposition 32 and Proposition 30, respectively, go to a statewide vote on Nov. 6.

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LATimes: California gas prices may hit record

Pump prices soar in California after refinery outages and other problems. Some stations charge more than $5 a gallon, others shut down. Some analysts hope the spike will be short-lived.

By Ronald D. White and Ricardo Lopez, Los Angeles Times
October 6, 2012

California drivers are reeling from days of sharp gasoline price increases that left the state within reach of its record high. Economists warn that a prolonged period of elevated gas costs could harm consumers as the holiday shopping season kicks in.

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