By Rick Orlov, Staff Writer
Posted: 09/09/2012 07:20:31 PM PDT
Updated: 09/09/2012 07:23:20 PM PDT

Now that the Democrats have finished their partisan slugfest, it’s time for the real election to begin and, once again, solidly blue California will be left out of the battlefield.

For instance, Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan held a Beverly Hills fundraiser last week, and there was barely a blip on the political radar.

The first campaign trips of President Barack Obama are to Colorado and Nevada and Republican nominee Mitt Romney also has been concentrating on the Midwest.

The best lines from the Democratic convention belong to former President Bill Clinton, who said he was “just a country boy” who “came from a place where people still thought two and two was four.”

Clinton also summed up many of the speeches made at both conventions by quoting former Democratic Party Chairman Robert Strauss, who once famously noted: “Every politician wants every voter to believe he was born in a log cabin he built himself.”


The decision by Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky to pass on next year’s race for mayor continues to reverberate through the remaining mayoral campaigns.

Controller Wendy Greuel began calling key Yaroslavsky supporters almost immediately and began hearing from people who had been waiting for the supervisor’s decision.

“I got dozens of calls from people who said they were ready to help,” Greuel said. “I mentioned it to Zev and told him he had a lot of loyal supporters. It was a good thing for him and now it’s a good thing for me.”

Councilman Eric Garcetti also picked up a number of folks who had been sitting on the fence, waiting for Yaroslavsky decision.

Garcetti said he has viewed Yaroslavsky as both a friend and mentor.

“He served as rabbi and performed the marriage for Amy and I,” Garcetti said. “I have been picking up a lot of support from people who have been on the sidelines. They tell me I remind them of a younger Zev.”

Garcetti campaign manager Bill Carrick said the Yaroslavsky decision further opens the race.

“Everyone’s votes went down with the idea of Zev being in the race,” Carrick said. “Without him, you have more votes up for grabs and more undecided voters to appeal to.”

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