September 01, 2012 3:08 PM
From Staff Reports

Paul Cook and Gregg Imus will square off in November to represent the 8th Congressional District, which encompasses the High Desert and parts of Inyo and Mono counties.

As part of our ongoing election coverage, the Daily Press asked both candidates to answer: What are the three biggest challenges facing this district? We then asked: What is your plan for tackling those challenges? Here are there responses, in roughly 50 words or less.

Paul Cook, R, Assemblyman from Yucca Valley

Challenge one: The biggest challenge is bringing good-paying jobs to the desert. We have high unemployment and many barriers to bringing businesses to our region.

Solution one: We can bring jobs through better educational opportunities for young and old and by allowing businesses a chance to use our natural resources in a responsible manner. We must also keep our taxes low and look for ways to create tax breaks for our area.

Challenge two: Second, we face the possibility of reductions and closures of military installations in our area, which would devastate local economies, as it did in the past here in California.

Solution two: The federal government is preparing to evaluate all military installations nationwide. With my knowledge of the military, I’ll build a unified coalition of community leaders, business leaders and local military families to demonstrate to them that our military installations here are essential to us and to our national security.

Challenge three: Third, we need to find bipartisan solutions to problems with over-regulation and in education for our children.

Solution three: Our nation is too divided, and we’re all suffering for it. I’ll work to find commonalities. In education, we can agree on smarter funding and more choice, and with job-killing regulations, we can find outdated laws that are suffocating the economy. I’ll bring both sides together and solve problems.

Gregg Imus, R, homebuilder from Lake Arrowhead

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