Saturday, August 18, 2012 – 09:00 a.m.

One would have to believe LAX/Ontario International Airport was a crown jewel or made of gold.

In observing the way San Bernardino County governments are pursuing control of the airport it would sure seem that way.

Yes, grand plans to wrest control of the facility are being batted around.

The latest move in this ongoing saga is the creation of an airport authority to oversee an airport it doesn’t, and may never, control.

I know, only in San Bernardino County! Right?

The airport, currently under the ownership and operation of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), has been shrinking its operations as the economy has forced airlines to shut down or reduce flights.

In other words it’s a loser, to the tune of millions annually, for LAWA, which also owns and operates other facilities including Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

It’s LAX that is the real revenue generator. A revenue generator supporting LAX/Ontario.

How local officials somehow believe they are going to wrest control of the airport, subsidize it’s operations, pull flights from LAX back to Ontario, make local residents fly more, and turn it profitable, is an interesting question to say the least.

The officials involved probably don’t have a clue. They just want it because its there.

It’s also questionable as to whether or not LAWA, ostensibly the Los Angeles City Council, will ever sell the Ontario operation to the now proposed Ontario International Airport Authority.

You can bet it’s there decision and no one else’s.

It’s all about power.

However, the political and financial muscle of the Los Angeles City Council vs. the Ontario City Council and San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors is no contest at all.

Right now LAWA must see all this hubbub as a nuisance, a knat on the back of someone’s rear-end.

After all, it’s not as if San Bernardino County governments have a stellar track record when it comes to running airports.

A federal investigation is currently ongoing related to the black hole known as San Bernardino International Airport.

You know, the place where about $200 million, give or take, has been blown by local officials, which includes a representative from the county.

An amazing $200 million spent on a airport that serves no airlines and is basically in a moth ball status!

Is running another financially draining airport something that San Bernardino County governments really need to be involved in at anytime in the forseeable future?

Probably not.