By Canan Tasci, Staff Writer
Created: 07/20/2012 08:15:13 AM PDT

Chino Valley Unified board members have decided to rescind a decision that would have eliminated busing in the fall.

Board members approved the decision to reduce the item earlier this year to help close a $20 million budget gap.

In total there were 33 items on the list that board members approved on Feb. 2.

With the reversal of busing, the district will now have to cough up $241,460 annually from its general funds.

The decision to bring the transportation back to students in grades seventh through 12 was unanimous by board members on Thursday. Board member David Black was absent.

Superintendent Wayne Joseph said when the Associated Chino Teachers and California School Employees Association give concessions, they have the opportunity to bring back employees, however when the Chino Association of Management Personnel makes a deal, they don’t get to bring anyone back, because those administrative positions are gone.

“So when I look at next year, CHAMP is taking a 3.02 percent pay cut, which is a little over $300,000,” Joseph said, adding that savings could offset the cost of transportation.

But he said, “anytime you bring back things there is a concern, but at the same time you have to prioritize, if you do bring things back, what did you bring back?”

In addition, board member were also recommended to rescind another Feb. 2 decision that would have eliminated uniforms for district staff in the duplicating, warehouse, maintenance, operations and construction and transportation departments.

However, after discussing the issue, the board decided to pull the entire item and asked for it to be brought back to the next board meeting.

The next board meeting is Aug. 16.

While the board felt it was mandatory certain departments have uniforms, others may not. The board also discussed the possibility of having certain employees have a dress code as opposed to wearing uniforms.

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