May 26, 2012 2:00 PM
From Staff Reports

As the June 5 primary approaches, the Daily Press asked the 13 candidates running for the newly drawn 8th Congressional District representing the High Desert to weigh in on this question, in 100 words or less: What would you do to prevent gridlock in Washington?

“Build on my reputation as a person dedicated to working with people committed to solving problems without focusing on the political labels that divide us.”

— Anthony Adams, No Party Preference, businessman and attorney from Hesperia

“The fact is Congress can work together even with stark partisan divisions. A short-term approach would be that the House and Senate institute monthly, off the record gatherings to get members talking across party lines. This will institute a common ground type atmosphere where political and personal barriers are removed.

“A long-term solution is to institute a two-term restriction on senators (12) years, and a six-term restriction on Congress (12) years, that will ensure the level of expertise needed in the House and Senate remains intact.

“The result, a bicameral legislature in greater tune with constituent concerns.”

— Dennis Albertsen, R, computer scientist at Edwards Air Force Base from Apple Valley

“Present the best program and work to defeat at the polls those that stand in its way.”

— Jackie Conaway, D, law office manager from Phelan

“I will focus on specific goals rather than waste time on speeches and political posturing. If you start with a goal, you can find solutions. I’ve done it on a variety of issues, including tax reduction, veterans and public safety. If you start with posturing, you’ll never get anywhere.”

— Paul Cook, R, Assemblyman from Yucca Valley

“Listen. Speak. Do not be ‘stiff- necked.’ Except on ‘life-and-death’ issues. Be consistent. Pray.”

— George Craig, R, plastic surgeon from Apple Valley

“I will work endlessly to help the citizens of the 8th District.”

— Gregg Imus, R, custom home builder from Lake Arrowhead

“As your Congressman, I would personally meet with the other 434 members of the House of Representatives to find like-minded, conservative Americans willing to join me in the defense of our Constitution from an overreaching government and in the protection of the American way of life.”

— Bill Jensen, R, real estate broker from Hesperia

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