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InlandPolitics: CD-31 fundraising update

Monday, April 16, 2012 – 09:30 a.m.

The showdown to make the top two candidates in the CD-31 is shaping up to be a real contest.

Will it be Congressman Gary Miller and State Senator Bob Dutton?

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U.S. Representative Mary Bono Mack

Published: 15 April 2012 07:07 PM

Democrats and Republicans have spent recent days trading accusations that the other party has engaged in a so-called war on women.

First came the Democratic talking points: the GOP’s support for anti-abortion laws and opposition to the 2009 equal-pay legislation shows that probable presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Republicans are waging a war on women.

Romney’s camp fired back, enlisting his female surrogates — including Inland Rep. Mary Bono Mack — to discredit the accusations.

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Published: 15 April 2012 02:18 PM

Advocates and opponents of California’s medical marijuana clinics are in a legal no-man’s land after a flurry of appellate court decisions that contradict each other on whether local governments can ban the dispensaries.

The decisions also conflict on how the clinics can supply themselves with marijuana.

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Veteran Democrats figure to finish 1-2
Neil Nisperos, Staff Writer
Created: 04/15/2012 02:35:42 PM PDT

Anthony Vieyra dreams of a seat in Congress.

Vieyra said politicians too often represent the interests of corporations and not the will of the people.

The Pomona resident and former General Dynamics employee aims to make a difference with his run for the 35th Congressional District seat, which represents an area from Pomona east to Rialto.

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San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Rod Hoops

April 15, 2012 3:02 PM
KATIE LUCIA, Staff Writer

BARSTOW • As local governments explore ways to cut costs, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is offering a solution Barstow leaders say they won’t buy: contract police work to the sheriff.

At a county-city conference last month, San Bernardino County Sheriff Rod Hoops gave a presentation on the department’s goals, one of which was to replace city police departments with sheriff contracts, according to Barstow Mayor Joe Gomez, who attended the conference. There, Hoops discussed the cost savings of contracting with the county.

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By Ed Mendel
Monday, April 16, 2012

CHINO — Proposed legislation may curb “spiking” that has made county retirement systems notorious for providing pensions that exceed salaries earned on the job, a legislative committee was told last week.

After the Contra Costa Times revealed that two fire chiefs retired at ages 50 and 51 with pensions well above their salaries, one of them told the Wall Street Journal: “People point to me as a poster child for pension spiking, but I did not make these rules.”

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