Saturday, March 24, 2012 – 09:55 a.m.

Is there really any point in cable news networks MSNBC or CNN when it comes to political dialogue?

Based on the most recent viewership numbers the answer is probably not.

It appears “Fair and Balanced” works.

The latest numbers kind of speak for themselves.

THURS., MARCH 23, 2012
FOXNEWS    O'REILLY    2,733,000
FOXNEWS    HANNITY     2,079,000
FOXNEWS    GRETA       1,905,000
FOXNEWS    SHEP        1,616,000
FOXNEWS    BAIER       1.601,000
FOXNEWS    THE FIVE    1,499,000
MSNBC      MADDOW        988,000
CMDY       DAILY SHOW    879,000
MSNBC      SCHULTZ       865,000
MSNBC      O'DONNELL     818,000
MSNBC      SHARPTON      817,000
MSNBC      HARDBALL      791,000
CNN        COOPER        738,000
CNN        PIERS         703,000

(Source: Drudge Report)