If Grand Terrace eliminates a service specialist and cuts detective hours, it’ll save but maintain service


Published: 26 February 2012 06:59 PM

Grand Terrace could cut back two law enforcement positions without increasing the risk of crime, a San Bernardino County sheriff’s lieutenant says.

Lt. Steve Dorsey, who serves as chief law enforcement officer in Grand Terrace under a $1.6 million contract with the Sheriff’s Department, outlined his recommendation during a recent City Council workshop.

Dorsey said that eliminating the presently vacant job of sheriff’s service specialist and cutting the hours of a detective in half would save the financially pinched city $202,000 a year.

In both cases, he emphasized, the department would fill in gaps as necessary with employees assigned to other areas of the county.

“We are a family in the Sheriff’s Department, so if there is an incident … we are going to throw the amount of resources at it that’s necessary. I think it’s a good option for you to consider,” Dorsey said.

He said the detective could be shared with another contract city.

The service specialist organizes neighborhood watches and other crime-prevention programs and takes some crime reports to save time for patrol deputies.

“I know there are some concerns with the crime prevention and the volunteers” handled by the specialist, he told the council. “As I stated before, we are going to make sure that is taken care of. We are doing that now.”

Councilman Bernardo Sandoval voiced concern about law enforcement at the new Grand Terrace High School, scheduled to open in August.

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