Liset Marquez, Staff Writer
Created: 02/22/2012 06:18:30 PM PST

View: Ontario’s response to financial request

ONTARIO – It was a figure that turned many heads – $250 million – which was what Ontario was willing to offer in hopes of gaining autonomy of LA/Ontario International Airport.

Most of the multi-million package would be paid back from revenues received once the city had ownership of the airport.

But there was still the $50 million offer to dissolve the Joint Powers Authority between the city of Ontario and Los Angeles World Airports.

Just where would that money be coming from?

One city official was not ready to specify.

Cory Briggs, an attorney for the Ontario Mountain Village Association, is asking that same question – in the form of a California Public Records Request.

“The public is entitled to know where the city is hiding $50 million,” Briggs said.

Ontario Councilman Alan Wapner was quoted in the Daily Bulletin earlier this month saying, “We have the money,” referring to the $50 million offer.

On Feb. 8, the day after the article was published, Briggs filed the request asking that the city identify the source of funding.

On Feb. 16, city attorney John Brown, responded to Briggs, denying the request.

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