Published: 20 February 2012 09:15 PM

Disincorporating Grand Terrace would not wipe away the cash-strapped city’s bills.

City Manager Betsy M. Adams warned City Council members at a workshop session recently that the agency that oversees boundary changes in San Bernardino County would require Grand Terrace voters to approve a tax measure to pay any outstanding city debts before agreeing to disincorporate the town.

That means voters would have to agree to tax themselves to make up a deficit of at least $1.7 million and pay off more than $3 million the city borrowed from its now-defunct redevelopment agency.

Adams showed council members a 13-page research paper she was provided by the San Bernardino County Local Agency Formation Commission, which had been approached by a resident inquiring about the subject.

She said the agency “wanted to make sure that the city understands that if it were to consider (disincorporation) at some point in time, that it’s not an easy process. Also, to make us be aware that LAFCO is already looking at it.”

Adams and some council members insist that the city is not seriously considering disincorporating despite widespread rumors.

“It never really was on the table,” Mayor Walt Stanckiewitz said in a telephone interview.

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