By Joe Nelson, The (San Bernardino County) Sun
Posted: 01/23/2012 03:05:32 PM PST

Two San Bernardino County supervisors are requesting that benefits for all county elected officials, not just the Board of Supervisors, be reduced to be in line with elected officials in other counties.

Supervisors Neil Derry and Janice Rutherford are pushing for the ordinance, which comes less than two weeks after the board approved a similar ordinance that reduced total compensation for future supervisors by roughly $48,000 annually.

Derry argued that ordinance didn’t go far enough and that benefits for elected San Bernardino County officials far exceed those of officials in comparable Southern California counties.

Rutherford wants county administrators to review compensation for elected officials in Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, Kern, Ventura and San Diego counties and report back to the board with a draft ordinance.

The county’s other elected officials are: Auditor-Controller/ Treasurer/Tax Collector Larry Walker, Sheriff Rod Hoops, District Attorney Michael A. Ramos and Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk Dennis Draeger.

If such an ordinance is adopted, benefits would remain at a level necessary to attract candidates to run for office, according to a report prepared for the board.

Derry voted for the benefits cuts to supervisors at the Jan. 10 board meeting but argued the cuts should apply to all elected officials in the county, whose benefits far exceed those of their counterparts in Riverside, San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Kern and Ventura counties.

For example, Walker has a benefits package totaling $178,364, while his counterparts in Riverside County bring home less than half that amount in benefits: $73,105.

Draeger collects $151,694 in benefits annually, while his counterpart in Riverside County collects $73,105.

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