Monday, January 23, 2012 – 11:00 a.m.

You gotta hand it to Leroy Hansberger these days.

Yep, the truth hurts.

The life-log county resident, and father to former County Supervisor Dennis Hansberger, has been making it known his son ran a piss-poor campaign four years ago. A campaign in an election where his son lost to Supervisor Neil Derry.

He also credits Derry for being aggressive.

The elder Hansberger is also making it known that the chosen candidate the Redlands “Old Guard” political clique is now backing against Derry has a ton of his own baggage.

Hansberger believes that, if used effectively, the negative baggage will result in an easy Derry re-election.

The candidate in question being San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Chairman James Ramos.

And with Ramos there’s a candy store of baggage to chose from.

Let’s see. Could Hansberger be referring to the admitted Mexican Mafia ties to the reservation, murder for hire, income taxes, wealth at the expense of the poor, Ramos’ failed businesses, etc……

Yes, Hansberger never minces words and has never had a problem letting his own son know just how the cow eats the proverbial cabbage.

Can anyone say “ouch”?

Hats off to Mr. Hansberger for actually having the guts to say what many Ramos supporters are actually thinking.