Published: 18 January 2012 07:13 PM

A study of a proposed radio antenna near Wildwood Canyon State Park in Oak Glen states that the project should not have a significant impact on the scenic views of the park — a finding that opponents criticize as flawed.

The radio tower project, a source of contention between conservationists and supporters of Spanish-language radio station KXRS for five years, is due to return to the San Bernardino County Planning Commission soon, although an exact date was not available.

The county recently completed taking comments on a visual impact study and environment assessment of the project, which would be on a mountain ridge overlooking Wildwood Canyon Park.

The reports find that the 43-foot tower should not have a “significant visual impact” or be “intrusive or dominate” the park. The antenna and a 100-square-foot equipment shelter would be painted olive green to blend into the background, according to the report.

“The proposed monopole and equipment shelter can be seen but do not attract attention or distract from the scenic aspects of the area,” the environmental study states.

Environmentalists and park enthusiasts oppose the project, saying it would spoil scenic vistas for hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers at the 820-acre park.

John Mirau, a Redlands attorney for Citizens for Preservation of Rural Living, the group leading opposition to the tower, called the findings “ridiculous.”

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