Officials dismiss website as ‘cheap stuff’
Josh Dulaney, Staff Writer
Posted: 01/16/2012 05:28:57 PM PST

SAN BERNARDINO – A business website has ranked the city as the fourth worst-run municipality in the country.

San Bernardino comes in behind Newark, N.J., Detroit and Miami, according to, which covers business finance.

Plummeting home values, skyrocketing poverty and a 64.1 percent rate of adults with a high school diploma were cited as reasons why the city landed on the list.

Editor Douglas McIntyre said he was surprised that San Bernardino was rated worse off than many older, industrial cities.

“In the scheme of things, San Bernardino is a relatively new city compared to a place like Buffalo,” said McIntyre, who described his website as one of the five largest independent business websites in the country. “Now it’s been there forever, but San Bernardino’s growth has been heavy for the last 50 years compared to some of these places, like Buffalo.”

McIntyre said research was conducted over several weeks on the top 100 largest cities in the nation by population.

Among several sources, the website looked at data from Bureau of Labor Statistics, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report and the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

San Bernardino was the third city from California to make the list – ahead of Fresno and Stockton.

“Its economy has arguably been hit harder by the subprime mortgage crisis than any other major U.S. city,” according to the website.

The Mayor’s Office dismissed the survey for the most part, saying the measures used aren’t related to the management of cities.

“This is typical cheap stuff pulled by a blog looking to get people on its website,” said Jim Morris, the son and chief of staff of Mayor Pat Morris.

Morris said many of the issues cited by the website – education, unemployment, and foreclosures – are beyond the scope of a city’s responsibilities.

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