By Canan Tasci, Staff Writer
Created: 01/02/2012 03:10:56 PM PST

Americans could have three candidates to choose from in the upcoming November general elections.

Americans Elect recently was certified to be on the ballot in California, the 12th state where the nonprofit was given permission to be on the 2012 presidential ticket.

“This is a way for everyone in California to weigh in and make a difference in determining who the choices are going to be for the president of the United States,” said Darry Sragow, senior adviser to Americans Elect.

“We want to create a competition in the political market place. There is a duopoly or monopoly that has been controlling politics in this country for a long time and voters are increasingly frustrated by their inability in their elected officials to address their concerns.”

Officials of the organization said they collected signatures to be placed on the ballot from the last week of March through the end of July.

Secretary of the State Debra Bowen recently certified a petition with 1.62 million signatures, making it the largest signature-gathering drive in the state’s history and one of the largest in the nation.

“Submitting 1.62 million signatures in California, a politically complex and diverse state, is testimony to the fact that Californians are looking for a better choice in the electoral process and one that will put an end to partisan gridlock in Washington,” said Kellen Arno, Americans Elect’s executive director of ballot access and national field engagement.

Americans Elect uses the Internet to form the basis of its nomination process. Any registered voter can become a delegate or debate issues and select a candidate.

Officials of the group said they are putting more power in the hands of every registered voter to chose the candidate on the next national primary, especially since Californians don’t get to participate in the primaries until June.

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