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LATimes: New year brings new risks for California politicians

The ‘top-two’ primary system and legal challenges to redrawn districts have created much uncertainty. But experts say the new election environment will help keep officeholders and candidates on their toes.

By Jean Merl, Los Angeles Times
December 26, 2011

Ask most people what’s significant about Dec. 30 and you may get a puzzled look. But politics junkies know that’s the official start of California’s next election season.

It opens on a markedly altered stage, set with a new primary system and different voting districts. Lingering uncertainties about some of those districts, thanks to a federal lawsuit and a possible state referendum aimed at overturning them, are adding to the drama.

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By Ed Mendel
Monday, December 26, 2011

Gov. Brown’s proposal to give new state and local government employees a hybrid retirement plan is part of a national trend, joined by Rhode Island last month and Utah last year.

A typical hybrid combines a smaller monthly pension, guaranteed for life, with a more risky and unpredictable 401(k)-style investment plan, whose value can rise and fall with the market.

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