Molly Davis, Redlands Daily Facts
Posted: 12/22/2011 03:28:34 PM PST

REDLANDS – When it comes to fighting against an unwanted assembly bill, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots are working the old fashioned way – going door to door to gather signatures against AB 131.

The new legislation, AB 131, would give undocumented students in California the opportunity to apply for financial aid.

Opponents are seeking to gather a minimum of 505,000 signatures to file their petition by Jan. 5, because they say the Dream Act disenfranchises legal resident students in a time of deep fiscal difficulty for the state.

“It’s as immoral as it is outrageous,” said Tea Party Patriot John Berry, who is in charge of the group’s canvassing committee.

Berry said the Tea Party has a group of volunteers who have gone door to door twice in the past two months to gather signatures.

So far, they’ve gathered about 1,000 in Redlands, which he said was significant, considering it was done on an unpaid, volunteer basis.

“We get people who can’t wait to sign the petition,” Berry said. “It’s been an overwhelmingly positive response.”

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