Published: 01 December 2011 06:25 PM

The Yucaipa City Council is renewing its objection to plans for a radio antenna on a hillside overlooking Wildwood Canyon State Park.

The council voted unanimously this week to send a letter to the San Bernardino County Planning Commission objecting to an application by Lazer Broadcasting Inc. to erect a 43-foot-high tower to broadcast a signal from Spanish-language radio station KXRS in Hemet.

“That’s a big mountain there,” Yucaipa Mayor Dick Riddell told his fellow council members. “If one tower is installed, and this happens every place where they put one in, then it opens the gate. This becomes a tower farm.”

This is the second time in the past three years that the city has opposed construction of the radio tower.

The antenna, originally proposed in 2007 as a 140-foot steel lattice structure, was reduced to 80 feet before winning approval from county planners in November 2008. Just two months later, with Yucaipa residents leading opposition pressure, the county Board of Supervisors reversed the Planning Commission approval.

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