Supervisor John Benoit, above, and John Tavaglione want legislation creating a “fast-track” permitting process for California agencies.


Published: 20 November 2011 05:57 PM

Two Riverside County supervisors want legislation creating a formal “fast-track” policy for permits moving with California state agencies as a way to help jump start the economy.

Supervisors John Benoit and John Tavaglione on Tuesday will ask their colleagues to support the effort. If approved, county staff will work with lawmakers to introduce legislation in Sacramento.

“Time is money and those business owners and developers investing in California face enough regulations and hurdles as it is,” Tavaglione said in a statement.

“This proposal does not circumvent the state’s environmental review process or laws, it simply tells business owners here and abroad that once you have completed the environmental review process you will have your permit in just 90 days,” he said.

The county has had its own “fast-track” policy since 1994. A similar program is needed at the state level “to help stimulate the economic recovery and eliminate long delays in the permitting process,” the two supervisors write in their proposal.

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